Copenhagen Sparkling Tea

Sparkling Tea has been mentioned as one of the first products in a long time, which challenges and renews the gourmet world.

The production of Sparkling Tea is inspired by the same intricacies of the world of tea, as found in the wine world. Where terroir, season and age play a great role in the outcome. A science which dates back thousands of years.

Sparkling Tea is based on up to 13 different teas, where a cuvée of tea-types is created, like champagne is based on a cuvée of grapes. The tastes are extracted and fine- tuned at different temperatures and different time intervals, where precision is key. A few seconds or degrees extra can have a defining impact.

By playing with a large variation of exclusive organic teas, Jacob Kocemba, the head and nose behind this award winning one of-a-kind product, has created som very refined and balansed Sparkling Teas. Each giving a unique taste experience, always with the added bonus of being low/non-alcoholic and organic.

Thanks to the mix of teas, each blend has a long taste, with depth and complexity, without being dependent on a high alcohol percentage. Combined with carefully adjusted bubbles to  complement the taste experience.

Sparkling Tea is perfect for any festive occasion or paired with the finest foods.

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea